Matt Taylor – Writer, film-maker & broadcaster

Breaking News: Matt Taylor flees the UK to USA

Controversial writer and broadcaster Matt Taylor says he’s fleeing the UK for the USA, because the UK doesn’t get his “cutting edge satirical genius.”

Matt Taylor flees the UK for the USA
Artorius Rex

Matt Taylor is a leading conspiracy writer and a political commentator.

Is Theresa May an Imposter?
The Persecution of the Truth Movement
Madeleine McCann is Dead
King Arthur is Alive and Kicking
The Legalization of Cannabis
Can an article bring down the British Royal Family?
Is David Cameron a Necrophile?
Hampstead Heath Satanic Cover-up

A prolific writer, blogger, vlogger and artist, Matt Taylor writes about controversial subjects including alien murder, satanic ritual cover-up, false flag events, corruption, fraud and the ancient historical cover-up of King Arthur II.





Below is a screenshot of the many youtube videos uploaded to his youtube channel, With over a million views and 453 videos and counting, Taylor is working towards producing his own TV/political show.

Taylor’s youtube videos

Matt Taylor has also self published a number of books, available in print or download from


Covering six volumes, of which three are shown above; the Guerrilla Democracy News series brings together hundreds of blogs and articles published on the website.


The SOS Party Manifesto is a 69 paged booklet available in print or download which chronicles Taylor’s political thinking.

To order the SOS Party Manifesto visit:


Taylor Tales: A collection of true life stories, are a collection of stories chronicling the intriguing and amusing stories from Taylor’s life.

To order Taylor’s True Life Stories visit:


The Golden Cube is Matt Taylor’s debut sci-fi novel. A cross between Dan Brown and Ben Elton with a healthy splash of David Icke. Imagine a world where space travel, cellular regeneration, perfect engines, space travel, aliens, reincarnation and a host of other marvels are common place, but no-one but an elite few know about them. Amongst these elite few are God, Satan and group militaristic human Illuminati who are constantly playing a game with Satan over how the world is ordered. Leonardo “Bingo” Ashman, a small time political activist eking out an existence in Brighton, lives in such a world, and who knows, maybe we do too. What he doesn’t know is he is very special and when he comes into possession of the Golden Cube, he is cast into a new and strange world with his travelling companion, a cellularly regenerated Queen Elizabeth II. The adventure leads them all over Western Europe and eventually to the Scottish Isles where the fate of all mankind rests in his hands.

To order The Golden Cube visit:


Music is another love and a creative outlet. With Jeff Wayne’s World of the World’s as his inspiration, Taylor has composed a number of jingles currently available on SoundCloud.

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