My Projects

Earthships: The modern day solution to our nation’s housing crisis.

Pioneered by architect Michael Reynolds and perfected since the 1970’s, Earthships are ‘off-the-grid’ homes, built sustainably using recycled materials such as tyres, glass and tins.

Drawing it’s electrical power from solar panels, water from it’s roof, food from it’s greenhouses and recycling grey water from the toilet to water the vegetable patch and garden; Earthships are the answer to our nation’s housing needs.

Brighton Earth Pier: Building Brighton’s newest and most audacious attraction.

Applying the same principles applied to Earthships:

  1. Thermal/solar heating and cooling
  2. solar, wave and wind electricity
  3. self-contained sewage treatment
  4. building with natural and recycled materials
  5. water harvesting and long term storage
  6. some internal food production capability

A new attraction can be added to Brighton’s shoreline, with a Earthship pier.

King Arthur II – The cartoon series

Animating in 2D, the King Arthur II cartoon series is crying out to be created. Retelling the true story of the legendary King Arthur story, future generations will grow up knowing the fabled stories of Briton’s greatest king are all true and based on real historical fact.


King Arthur II – The Movie

The natural progression on from the cartoon series, King Arthur II – The Movie is set to break all box office records, retelling the lost ancient history of Britain, and it’s greatest King, King Arthur II, son of King Maurice, son of King Theoderic.